James Cameron: Terminator 5 should focus T-800

James Cameron: Terminator 5 should focus T-800 Since last year, when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his return to acting, he and the director of Fast Five, Justin Lin, began work on a new Terminator movie, the fifth in the series. In an MTV interview, James Cameron has revealed some of the suggestions gave Schwarzenegger about reviving the franchise.

"Arnold spoke with some time ago about a new production of Terminator and I offer discreet, some advice," said the filmmaker. "In my opinion, should focus more on the person. I said that he should not start the project until it finds a perfect story focused on his character, T-800. I think there are still some stories to tell about this character that never anyone thought about it", he added.

Recently, Lin's Terminator abandoned but continued to focus on the production of the sixth Fast and Furious film series. At this point, nobody knows for sure which is the stage that has stopped work on Terminator 5. But chances are to be focused more on the character played by Schwarzenegger.

Terminator fans of the series received an update from the manufacturer about the fifth film in the series that would appear on the big screen over the next two years and continuing adventures of the franchise with total receipts of over $ 1.4 billion.

Megan Ellison one producer of 25 years, daughter of multi millionaire Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle) which he bought last summer for 25 million dollars Terminator franchise rights revealed that the fifth film in the series will be produced and will be "R Rated "- meaning those under 17 will not be able to watch it without the consent of an adult. Therefore will have scenes film nudity, violence, graphic language.

Annapurna Pictures, an independent production house (founded by Megan Ellison) who bought the rights to the franchise has available six years to make the movie: the 2018 film rights will return to the original owner.

"I can not report much about Terminator 5.'s Just be R-Rated and it will be as good as James Cameron wants' Megan Ellison says that she want to make not one, but two films from the famous series.

Terminator 5 does not have a director or a writer. But last summer, filmmaker Justin Lin name was linked to Terminator 5, which is expected to be launched in 2014 (30 years after launch). Schwarzenegger has announced that it will return to one of his most famous roles and some rumors indicated a younger cast. The press wrote that Paul Walker Fast and Furious series could be one of the actors who play Kyle Reese.