The War Against Skynet Continues in Terminator 5

The rumors about Terminator 5 seem to be enough to make noise in the movie world. And there are lots of things that matter to the Terminators fans. James Cameron directs the film and the movie will have an R rating, just to name a few. What else? A reunion of the original cast is probable, there are new stories to behold, new cyborgs and non-stop action.

The fans were dismayed about the PG-13 rating of the Terminator Salvation. Primarily because the Terminator spirit of non-stop cyborg chase and shooting spree are not present in the previous film. The creators thought that they might get a wider audience demographic by getting a milder rating. But they were proven wrong when the fans were pissed to see the film executed in a way a gun is half-heartedly shot. So having the R attached to the movie is significant and is enough to lighten up the fans' faces.

new movie terminator 5 will come in 2014

For a quick recap, the events in the Terminator Salvation took place in 2018 when the war between humans and Skynet. This fourth installment deviated from the original plot line of the series that heavily relies on time travel. The fourth Terminator movie stars Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Michael Ironside, and Helena Boonham Carter. Some of the cast, particularly Christian Bale, will likely be seen in Terminator 5.

After shying away for a considerable time from the limelight, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a substantial role in the 5th Terminator. However, the movie will actually be led by a younger male actor. And considering that the Sarah Connor Chronicles has significance – as far as the plot is concerned – to the theatrical versions, it is not surprising to see that the franchise can go on without Schwarzenegger.

A lot of fans expressed their interest to see the event after the Judgment Day. However, there are rumors that the creators are looking at the time travel angle as well. On this note at this point, it is debatable whether you will see the future or glimpse the Terminator past once again. The Termination Salvation has successfully set the events for Terminator 5 2014 which makes the people more inclined to think that the next movie revolve around the continuing conflict between man and machines.

To for a tease, William Wisher revealed small points about the plot for the 5th and 6th Terminator films. Wisher wrote the script for the first two installations but decided not to get involved in part three and the succeeding movies. Wisher sees the film to continue the war that has started in part 3 and at the same time tap the elements from Terminator Salvation. Sarah Conner returns and travels through time to spend quality time with Kyle Reese. Wisher also plans to incorporate new Terminators that have the capability to merge with other Terminators as well as machines that have the capability to morph.

According to Wisher, you will also be surprised how Schwarzenegger will return just as how he has surprised you with his comeback in part 2. Now, there are indeed a lot of things that matter to fans.

The Terminator Franchise has indeed gone a long way. But taking Wisher's word that he is working for the script for the 5th and 6th film, it looks like the franchise still has a long way to go. Well, that is good news for fans because that means more of the action and more of the story. On a more serious note, the Terminator Franchise has a significant impact on America's popular culture. Being deemed as significant by the Library of Congress, the Terminator has been preserved in the United States National Film Registry.

If you enjoyed the past Terminator movies, this will surely keep you loving it. Movie fans still have a long time to wait but looking at the brighter side, that should be enough time for the creators to prepare well. In the meantime, just keep a good eye to catch news, updates and specific information such as the release date and trailer launch. Your Terminator and your Defender will be back so prepare for their return in 2014. The Resistance and Skynet will do everything to forestall and prevent certain events from happening to win the war in Terminator 5. Trailer will be here as soon as possible, until then we let you enjoy a interesting video with the the cast of the fourth movie: